About us

Wuxi Blueauto International Trading Co., Ltd is a high technology enterprise having its own brand “ BLUEAUTO” and specializing in R&D, manufacture and sales of fiber optical communications equipments. It was established in 2006, and grows up rapidly. The main products of BLUEAUTO  include Optical Transmitter, EDFA, Optical Receiver & Node, Optical Splitter, WDM & CWDM & DWDM. In Optical Distribution Network area, we provide Fiber Optic Connector, Patch Cord & Pigtail, Fiber Adapter, Optical Attenuator, Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Optic Terminal Box, ODF etc which are widely used in telecommunications, CATV, FTTH and optical network. In optical components area, we provide Laser Diode, Photo Diode, CWDM Laser Diode, BOSA, TOSA, CWDM Optical Bidirectional Module, Optical Module etc which widely used for equipment manufacturer abroad. All the products acquired the approval of the Network Access License for Telecommunication Equipment M……

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